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Healthy School

imageFor some time, the school has been addressing the health and well-being of all involved with the school. In September 2006, the school was formally accepted onto the Gwynedd and Môn Healthy Schools Scheme run by the Assembly Government. The school and all those involved with it – children, parents, staff, governors and friends – are required to commit themselves to the aim of the scheme, i.e. to contribute positively towards ensuring that the school and environment promote the health of the entire community.

The school works on approximately three themes every year. The school succeeded in Phase 5 of the project in 2013

By becoming part of the Healthy Schools Project we have agreed to:

• Strengthen community links
• Encourage the children to eat a healthy diet.
• Ensure staff well being
• Develop pupils' self-esteem
• Ensure safety in the school

A Healthy School Committee is established annually and includes pupils from Years 5 and 6