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Green/ Eco-Schools

imageBy becoming part of the Green Schools Project we have agreed to,-

• Reduce waste
• Save energy and natural resources
• Reduce and prevent pollution
• Care for the local environment
• Travel wisely.

A Green School Committee is established annually and includes children from years 3 - 6.

The Green Schools Committee meets about once every six weeks. We have been accredited with three Green Schools Gold Awards as well as achieving the Eco School Status on three occasions. A great deal has been done to raise the children’s awareness about green issues during the past few years, projects such as establishing a litter squad, placing recycling boxes in each class, conducting a survey of how children travel to school, saving energy and finding out which chemicals are used by the cleaning and catering services.

The school’s Wildlife Garden was recently awarded 1st Prize by the North Wales Wildlife Trust and has been awarded the Gold Award in 2010. The garden has its own pond, picnic tables, a bird table, a hedgehog house, a ‘bug hotel’ and nesting boxes so that the children can enjoy learning about the wonders of nature in a safe environment. We are also very proud of our willow structures.

Members of the community helped by a group of parents and the gardening squads from Years 5 have been very busy planting and tending the vegetables in our patchwork gardens.